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    Going digital for businesses may have been an option a couple of decades ago not anymore. Today the digital platform is being used for all kinds of actions that were done physically before. So whether one prefers it or no, it has become a norm to have a company website uploaded on…[Read more]

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    Boost the Traffic of your Website with Responsive Design
    The growing penetration of Smartphones in our day-to-day life signals that having a response is not just a trend, but it has become a necessity. Now, it has become essential for the business to put flexible content on the website, which can be viewed on all the devices. Without you having…[Read more]

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    5 Tips for Your Website Designing

    A Web Designer once said, “If you think Math is hard… Try Web Design.” Well, that is completely true because of the importance a unique and creative website hold for an organization. An official website speaks a lot about the values and principles of a company including the brand they advertise, the mottos they…[Read more]

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