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  • Quake replied to the topic The logo in the forum Marketing 3 years, 5 months ago

    I used to think that word-related identities, such as group name, our taglines, or website address are more important than the logo in terms of catching the attention of the customers. Logo must be unique, but it can be complicated in the process.

  • Quake replied to the topic 360 degree views in the forum Marketing 3 years, 5 months ago

    I suppose having a good camera and a tripod is a good investment, although we can make use of our phones’ cameras in case we’re tight on budget. Many phone cameras are now advertised with high details, so they probably work just fine.

  • Would you guys recommend a specific time period for the reevaluation, or should I just do it by the time I notice a change in the market? With the latter, it’s possible that I’m too late to notice. At the other side, inconsistency in our approach is also not a good idea.

  • I’ve never really thought about using plugins or other programs to help with keyword density. At first, it didn’t sound like something worthy of paid apps, especially after I heard about its minor contribution to SEO. What does Yoast do, Meg?

  • It’s ironic that most websites offering services nowadays have live chat, some boast 24-hour support, but it’s not rare to find it empty. I appreciate the good intention, though I’d rather have it the traditional, but in a timely manner. Maybe it’s better to put in effective hours too.

  • Quake replied to the topic Solo ads in the forum Online Advertising 3 years, 5 months ago

    How effective is this method? It’s my first time to hear this marketing method, and with the kind of protection e-mail providers have these days, wouldn’t this kind of e-mail arrive in spam box and go unnoticed?

  • I remember when I had to submit my website to Google and Bing to get indexed. I’ve heard that this practice is now abandoned as they admit that they ignore submitted URLs because many are only spam accounts. It is now unnecessary, so you can safely ignore any SEO service offering this!

  • What I am not sure yet is about using social networks. I can understand if our WordPress blog gets flagged as a spam website if the keyword density is too high. What if we post the content on a Facebook page or using too many hashtags on Twitter? Are our accounts also marked as spam?

  • Quake replied to the topic Presentation in the forum Sales 3 years, 5 months ago

    I try to talk in a broader way about any topics (not just marketing), providing insights from many point of views. I find it quite helpful when I talk about specific product later, as I learn to balance the consumer’s opinion and mine as the seller.

  • Quake replied to the topic Target audience in the forum Sales 3 years, 5 months ago

    If I read correctly, hyper-segmenting means that we should narrow down the possible consumers and reach out in individual or small group means. Another article mentions that there is a danger of hyper targeting, in which our target is too specific that it hurts our goals.

  • A tip for everyone here: be careful of keyword density. This refers to how many times important keywords are mentioned in the page compared to total words. As a minor factor in ranking, a high keyword density is not ideal and may get you penalized.

  • People say that “marketing is food, not medicine”. As long as the business is still alive, we fight for new marketing methods every day. Should we emphasize on marketing even more while we’re riding on the popularity, though? I assume it goes hand-in-hand with innovation and new features.

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