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    Let’s talk about this biggest social network to date. There are so many features to Facebook, but I’m not sure where we should start. I assume at least we need to have a page, but do we need a group too? What kind of content would be interesting for visitors to check?



    I think it all depends on who your audience is. Usually a page is enough – provided you make it interesting and engage your fans, and from what I’ve been reading lately, Facebook groups aren’t really as effective as they once were when it comes to advertising and getting new leads. Of course I’m no expert, and I would love to hear what others here think.


    RDM Admin

    Facebook is kind of frustrating because in its earlier days when you posted something on your page all your fans saw it. Then over time they changed their algorithm so less and less people would see your posts unless you paid to promote them.

    Today only a tiny percentage of people who’ve liked your page will see your posts unless they specifically opt in to receiving your updates. Few people do that.

    Facebook can still be a great part of your strategy you’re just going to have to be prepared to spend a bit of money, especially if you’re just starting out to promote your posts.

    If you do have a bit of a budget Facebook advertising is awesome. Pretty much any information anyone’s ever entered into Facebook can be used to target ads to people so you can make sure that only your exact target audience will ever see your posts and ads.

    Plus if you do it right, Facebook advertising is pretty in expensive.

    But to go back to your original question, yes, as Siri said you only need a page and by setting that up at the very least you can start getting some links back to your website which will help your SEO a bit too.



    Facebook can be a really great source of traffic and it can help you grow your business in any kind of niche. There are certain types of ads that are so cheap; like video views for example.



    I would start with Facebook, get a decent following, then link to other social media accounts. Facebook doesn’t cater to businesspeople while other social media outlets were made for that sort of thing. Like Linkedin.



    I agree with all of you. I actually didn’t know that you have to pay for ads until a friend told me that she uses PayPal when making these payments. I do feel that Facebook, to some extent, is not so powerful when it comes to advertising but as the admin has indicated, it has more to do with the algorithms.


    Kathleen Melvin

    Nowadays, Facebook is a great platform to reach your target audience. For this, you need to create a business page, join groups of your niche, post some unique and informative content to attract visitors. You can also create Facebook ads.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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