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    I love the fact that we can reach a much greater audience through the use of social media. My greatest worry is that this can make or break a business. Has anyone of you ever imagined that a competitor could easily create a bad reputation by using proxies?


    I don’t know that that ever really happens in actual fact, but I can see how someone could put up a lot of negative reviews to make another business seem incompetent. Is that what you mean?


    I’ve seen people writing fake negative comments in blogs or online shops, so it’s definitely possible to get attacked in a similar manner. I think there isn’t much we can do; we’re bound to have enemies and competitors, so we need to prove it with our quality services.

    Emily Roberts

    The principle question that emerges with my customers is the straightforwardness part of internet based life. Having to openly get criticism from clients, regardless of whether it’s negative, and managing that under everybody’s eyes.

    What I for the most part let them know is that having effectively checked internet based life channels, enables you to manage the discussion, know about criticism you generally may miss, and deal with clients there. The best part is changing over a disappointed customer into a brand advocate!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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