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    Have you ever considered your logo to be one of the most important marketing tools? There are some companies that I always recall because of the fact that they have memorable logos. I see a lot of businesses come up with complicated ones with a lot of colors too. I think that in order to capture the attention of prospective and existing customers alike, the logo needs to be simple and easy to associate with. Do you agree?


    Logos are definitely an important part of branding in any business. Having a logo that stands out is a great way to make your potential customers memorize your brand.

    I also agree that logos should be simple and easy to remember.


    Logos are very important. You can recognize a company by logo alone if it’s eye-catching and has been the same for decades. When you see that red, shiny tongue, you automatically know that it represents The Rolling Stones (which is a business enterprise).


    I agree with all of your sentiments. The logo represents your image and so it needs to exactly portray what the business stands for. On the other hand, there is no point of having an excellent logo that does not explicitly communicate what a business is all about.


    I think it goes without saying that a simpler logo will always be easier to remember and therefore it will be more likely that people will be able to associate it with your brand in the long run.


    I have seen most businesses settle on a very complicated logo that doesn’t clearly spell out the core concentration of the company at a first glance. In my view, I think branding goes a long way to cutting a market niche. Customers want to remember a company because of the first impression. What better way to get people talking than impress them with a great logo?


    I think no matter what design you go with for your logo, there is much more to whether the customers are going to remember it than just the simplicity of it.


    I used to think that word-related identities, such as group name, our taglines, or website address are more important than the logo in terms of catching the attention of the customers. Logo must be unique, but it can be complicated in the process.

    Jennifer Delgado

    The design of a logo is very important for identifying your company. Just look at this logo:

    Coke Logo Chinese

    Even though the logo is in Chinese you know exactly what company that is by the colors and shapes.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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