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    I am looking at a scenario where business starts coming in and sales are up there. Most times, companies decide to slowly reduce marketing activities. Is this the right approach? I think marketing should be a continuous process since you are looking to expand and capture the untapped market.


    You’re totally right, and if a business wants to stay relevant and be able to take on its competitors I think that it’s vital to stay connected with their audience through various marketing strategies.


    I agree with you as well. Marketing should be an ongoing process as acquiring new customers is never be a bad thing for any kind of business.


    People say that “marketing is food, not medicine”. As long as the business is still alive, we fight for new marketing methods every day. Should we emphasize on marketing even more while we’re riding on the popularity, though? I assume it goes hand-in-hand with innovation and new features.


    Marketing should never stop, but the intensity and methods need to change from time to time. For example, marketing will not be the same for a company that is just starting out than it would be for the same company that is established will steady clientele.


    I totally agree with all of you. Quake, you raise a really important point. The idea is that whereas marketing shouldn’t die completely, the intensity and methods used should go hand-in-hand with the market trends and needs. Again, it makes sense for a new company to market more.

    Emily Roberts

    Research ought to have particular objectives: Research ought to have quite certain objectives and results ought to be assembled for examination. On the off chance that the objectives are not met then you can run inquire about once more.

    Time-boxed: You can’t do your examination boundlessly when the objectives are set. Pick time extend that matches with the objectives. For instance, if the objective is to quantify shopping conduct amid occasions, at that point the examination should occur just amid the Christmas season.

    Dissect results before rehashing: If you are not content with the outcomes rehash the procedure with modifications. Be that as it may, if the exploration is constant you can never use the outcomes and apply it to your business.


    Marketing is an ongoing process, it never ends…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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