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    How important is working with a team for marketing? I originally thought that I could handle this alone, especially if the project has just taken off and there isn’t much to do yet, but I’m growing unsure because the result seems to never come. Did I make the wrong approach?



    I believe that however small a project may seem, you still need a team. At times, there may not be much to be done but working with a team enables delegation to take place. It is not too late though.



    It’s important to understand the different levels at which we all operate as humans. There are those of us who are great at ‘seeing the big picture’ then there are those who are really good at ‘breaking down the big picture’ into smaller pieces and how to achieve them.

    Then there are those of us who are good at taking those smaller pictures and creating systems to make them work efficiently to get to the big picture effectively and finally you have those who take those systems and break them down and do the tiny individual tasks that make up those systems.

    You really couldn’t possibly be all things in those phases and so that’s where a team comes in where everyone does what they are good at.



    I used to have a small business, and I only recruited a friend after it grew a little bit. I thought the same approach would work this time as well. This job depends a lot on marketing, which is probably something impossible to achieve alone.



    I would say you that if you feel like you are getting nowhere you could bring in people who, like Siri said, can each do a piece of the work. I’m good at planning what I want but lousy at creating attractive advertising, so I would need to find someone who can do that. I’d want to hire a marketing team to pull all aspects of marketing my business together.


    Walter Hank

    Success in marketing is entirely based on the efforts of the team, that what I believe. I am also working with the team of Houston SEO experts.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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