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    Most people are always talking of the power of Facebook, Twitter and social media in general. Lately, I have been thinking of the possibility of promoting content through the email. How possible is this?

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    RDM Admin

    It’s very possible however you need to build an email list first. Mail Chimp and Aweber are probably your best choices to manage your list and collect emails from your website.

    If you have your own CRM system that’s already collected clients email addresses you might be able to use that too.

    There are lost of tutorials and guides on email marketing out there and in many ways it can be a lot more effective than social media since these people have already given you their permission to contact you and they’re at least partially interested in what you have to send them.

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    So Mail Chimp and Aweber are programs that set up an email collector on your website? Are visitors encouraged to leave their email addresses? I’ve received emails from companies before that I know I have never visited their websites and I’m wondering if there is some other type of email program that does this?

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    When you plan to build a list, you must offer something in return for their emails. This could be a free e-book, a few tips, a free subscription to your newsletter etc. The more value you offer to your visitors, the more they will be willing to sign up.

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    Offering up a free e-book through e-email marketing is a very good idea. it doesn’t even have to be specific to the niche you’re in. If you are in real estate, a general economics book will suffice as long as it is useful to business.

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    @Meg, I now understand why a freelance writer friend of mine, is always sending freebies through email. He offers free advice on internet marketing and occasionally sends free e-books. I now have a little insight into the whole concept and I will definitely be checking out Mail Chimp and Aweber. Can these two be used simultaneously?

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    Those are all really great suggestions. I signed up with Getrespoonse a few months ago but I’m yet to start building my list. I think I will try this tactic and see if it works for me. Thanks.

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