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    I have been researching this lately and I’ve read conflicting answers to the question of how essential keywords in the domain name are in order to get high search engine rankings. Does anyone know if it’s a major factor when it comes to SEO?



    Search engine rankings don’t depend solely on the domain names, though keywords or popular names do facilitate easy access. Such names are usually already taken, though, so it’s another challenge to find a unique address not too hard to write.


    RDM Admin

    Google really likes to see brand names as domains and after the last several Google updates using exact match domains with the keywords you’re trying to rank for can actually hurt you.

    If you have too many links back to your site with the keywords you’re optimizing for in the anchor text you’ll trigger an over-optimization penalty.

    Since most of the links you’re going to be getting naturally will have your site name or site URL as the anchor text it’ll be very easy to trigger an over-optimization penalty.

    Google would much rather you use a brand name for your URL then most of the links will have your brand name as the anchor text which is much more natural.



    Thank you for all the helpful answers and suggestions. It’s good to know that I’m on the right track with my domain name. The last thing I want is to trigger a penalty from Google.



    How essential keywords are in optimization will depend on who you ask. But since a domain name is the first step in finding something through a search engine, I would think that it is highly important in that regard.



    Having your main keyword in your domain name is definitely a huge plus that can help you rank higher and faster. It also helps your visitors know what your website is all about before even landing on your home page.



    I guess the main thing is having people understand what your site is about before they even start reading articles. I don’t know how this works for those who use their names for their domain names. Does that mean they are losing out on important SEO benefits?



    Seth, I don’t think they are losing out that much. After all, domain-related SEO is not solely based on the keywords. I think this relates to good branding; our names can be our brands, and that is one unique keyword if we can build good content on the page.



    It is true that the use of keywords in SEO is kind of dying. In my opinion, the relationship between SEO and keywords has become a little complicated. Does the over-optimization penalty affect a company’s overall ranking?


    Not really, you don’t need an exact matching domain any longer. You should go with branded instead, although, in some niches you can get away with spam and EMDs…



    Informative post… thanks for sharing the link…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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