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    I tend to think that some things are in-born. I have seen people that are part of a sales team but who aren’t good in closing deals. Do you agree that a company needs to concentrate on getting the right fit for the sales department?


    I think everyone has their own specialization. We do need to take note of such skills to create a successful team, marketing-related or not. I do like the idea of giving chances, but if nothing improves, then it’s time to change.


    We always need to ensure that we get the right fit, in terms of specialization, for the sales and any other team for that matter. In the end, I think this enables the existence of a successful team,


    I would say that one is not much of a sales person if one cannot close a sale. Maybe this is the wrong type of work for them? Perhaps their talents lie in a different part of marketing instead of sales


    In my opinion, while sales skills could be in-born, it is definitely possible to learn them and become really good at them if the person has the drive and the right attitude.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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