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    I’ve seen ads on my Twitter feed that pop up as advertisement. These aren’t my followers nor do I follow them. Is there a program on Twitter where you can set your ad to reach a certain number of people? Is it expensive or reasonable?


    I see these sorts of ads every time I log into Twitter and they can be annoying. At times, they have to do with products that I can never purchase. I am not sure but I believe that there should be a mechanism that allows the ads to only pop up to prospective customers.


    Yes, that’s what I’ve noticed. Most of them have nothing to do with what I like or want. I should probably look and see if there is a way to get more out of this for my customer’s benefit and my business.

    RDM Admin

    You’re able to target your Twitter ads to the type of people you think will be most interested in your product. I personally prefer Facebook ads as there’s a lot more options for who you target than on Twitter.


    I’ve never heard of such option, though it’s clearly beneficial to be around. I use Twitter’s hashtags instead of the advertising spaces. At least, those who type or click on the specific hashtags must be related to or somehow interested in our topics, so it has better accuracy.


    I agree that with Facebook, you are able to target a larger audience. I see people use the hashtags to promote their businesses on Twitter. I don’t think it is very effective especially when the trending topic has very little or no relevance to your business. On another note, is there a paid-up option for ads on Twitter?


    I have never tried Twitter ads, but I have heard that they are extremely expensive. I also prefer using Facebook ads because you have so many different options to choose from.

    Emily Roberts

    Advanced Tweets are messages that will show up straightforwardly in the courses of events of the Twitter clients you focused on and at a particular time you have offered on.

    A Promoted Account is an advertisement that welcomes focused on Twitter clients to pursue your image – pulling in a greater amount of the correct adherents to your image quicker.

    Drifting themes on Twitter are the most discussed subjects on the informal organization, showing up on the left half of the page. Elevated Trends enable you to put your story at the highest priority on that rundown for 24-hours.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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