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    I’ve heard others talking about Google Adwords but I’m not sure how it really works and whether it’s worth it to try using it? If someone has a website where they sell their art, would Adwords work for this or is it too expensive?


    To use Google Adwords, we submit our website to Google and it will be displayed at the right side of Google search results when someone types matching keywords in the search box. We pay every time someone clicks on it. I’m not sure how much we should pay, though.


    Google Adwords is a must-have tool for any marketer or business owner but the truth of the matter is that it requires time and money. As indicated by Quake above, this is a pay-per-click advertising system. What I like most about this kind of lead sourcing is its measurability.


    A friend of mine sells her artwork on her website. She’s mentioned Google Adwords before but hasn’t done it yet.

    So for a real estate website you would want to reach out to people living in the area and looking for houses, apartments,etc. Have any of you done this and how well has it worked for your business?


    The cost for advertising on Google will depend on whether your competition for a certain keyword is high or low. If you choose high competition keywords, you are more likely to pay much more per click; and the other way round.


    Google adwords is worth using if you are serious about your site and/or business. It’s just another way of getting seen on the internet which can be a very hard thing to do.


    You could also try researching about optimizing your articles so that search engines will pick them up, search for “SEO”. I used to use Adwords until I discovered that I get much more hits from an authentic audience if I write good content.


    We definitely can’t only depend on advertising spaces or other SEO-related tools. Unique, original content is still the most important key. AdWords seem to work faster for new business compared to SEO because we put the links directly on Google instead of waiting on being indexed.


    I’ve been trying to understand Google adwords more myself, and I have to admit, it’s proving to be a really hard process for me. I hope I’ll get some much needed help here on this site.

    Thomas Peter

    This is very common question comes very new babies mind while starts with Adwords. As many marketing geeks mentioned above about Google Adwords, the better the quality score, CPC and most important CTR of your ads the most successful your campaigns.

    I’m here also add one thing the position of your doesn’t matter if you maintain your campaign overall CTR.

    Especially CTR is calculated by the total number of impression/total clicks in specific ads.

    SHUFE Media

    For Google AdWords, you should have one website for online marketing in google adwords. You need to mainly focus on the quality score. you should do perfect keywords analysis and create ads with the good quality score.

    Rahul Dasaundhi

    Google adword work on Pay per click, you have set or daily budget to Run your campagion and run your ad. In adword only pad ad are visible in SERP.


    Google Adwords work on PPC, CPC, CPM, CPV methods. If any visitor sees our ad on SERPS and they clicked on our Ad(here advertiser need to pay to Google)then it will directly redirect to our website of the particular page, if the ad found useful to visitor then is becomes sale to the company.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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