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    I am always getting invites from my friends in regard to this social site. How effective is it in comparison to the other social media platforms? Can a business person effectively utilize Pinterest?


    The fact that you can sign up for a business account with Pinterest may mean that it may act as an effective platform. I have heard people talk of features like analytic tools and I believe this is what any business person needs. I am yet to use it though.


    I know that as long as you have some attractive images pertaining to your business or product, then you have the potential to use Pinterest to its fullest and get the most possible benefits.

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    The target demographic for Pinterest is largely female and the content of the site is focused a lot on DIY style projects. Interior design and renovation type content does really well on Pinterest so it’s an excellent choice of a social network for realtors.


    I get a lot of these invites too but I have never bothered to check what this social site is all about. However, it now makes sense since most of these invites have been from friends who are plying their trade in the fashion industry.


    On a site like Pinterest, which is huge, I would think SEO and keywords would be vital to getting seen. You would need an edge over the millions of other users in order to get seen and keyword placement would be a good knife to use.

    RDM Admin

    From what I’ve heard using lots keywords in your pin’s description is the way to go. Pinterest is also apparently more long term so you won’t get a huge amount of engagement right away, it comes weeks later as people search for pins that contain your keywords.

    So definitely write detailed descriptions for all your pins with your keywords.


    Pinterest is a visual social media platform that caters for women mostly, as mentioned by RDM. I also think it’s a great network to start building a following and promote your real estate business.


    It is a good website to promote your business…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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