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The 9 Gates to Client Commitment and How to Establish Trust

One of our favourite Marketing books is called No B.S. Trust-Based Marketing by Dan S. Kennedy and Matt Zagula. In one chapter the authors discuss 9 “gates” to client commitment that are essential for building trust with your sales and marketing. Here’s a quick summary of each one that you can...

The Importance of Mobile Friendly Web Design

Mobile friendly website design is becoming increasingly more important. Take a look at some of these stats about mobile device usage: 51% of local searches were done on a mobile device. 45% of Google searches in the United States are from mobile devices. 26% of emails are opened on a mobile phone. 3...

A Comprehensive Introduction to Advertising on Facebook

Facebook has over 1.55 billion monthly active users and offers advertisers some incredibly powerful tools for marketing. Pretty much any information a user has ever entered into Facebook can be used to target ads to them. Because you can target your ads to your ideal customer, Facebook advertising c...

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